Parliament Place


Perth - Boorloo




Parry and Rosenthal


Parry and Rosenthal’s design for the Parliament Precinct’s new facility seamlessly blends elegance with homage to Western Australia’s natural beauty. The light, neutral palette evokes sophistication, creating a timeless and professional atmosphere to transition from individual offices to open-plan workspaces across three floors for ten tenants, including the Legislative Assembly, Legislative Council, and various Parliamentary Electorate Offices.

The design balances tradition with modern functionality, fostering collaboration and productivity among teams.

Products: Ecoustic Workstation SC Print Loop Ochre on Almond, Ecoustic Velour 9mm Steel + Dune acoustic panels, Zone Alpine, Quiet, Paintbox Spray, Ocean + Buzz Chatter additive free vinyls

Photographer: Matthew Lukin Biocich