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Melbourne - Naarm




Bergman & Co


This exquisite Pilates studio by Bergman & Co combines the functionality of fitness with an all-encompassing warmth and beauty.

‘Driven by the energy of its female clientele, this brand-led Pilates studio redefines the fitness space as an immersive and distinctive encounter. Visitors are greeted by a sophisticated lounge area saturated in peach, blush and terracotta tones, mirroring the qualities of the light-filled Pilates studio above’ – Bergman & Co.

Promoting the nurturing of health and wellbeing, the carefully crafted social space is designed to foster a vibrant sense of community.

Addressing acoustics, the Bergman & Co team have lined the walls in our Ecoustic V acoustic panels in a combination of elegant warm + neutral tones.

Product: Ecoustic V Check Almond + Dune acoustic panels

Photographer: Nicole Reed