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Material Beauty: FrancoCrea


Furniture and space designer FrancoCrea has introduced new additions to his beautiful Mila furniture range. The latest collection of chairs and stools continues his simple, slimline aesthetic and elegant mix of natural materials.


Using his guiding design principle of ‘less is more’, Crea has paired the natural grain of timber with Instyle’s textured wool and alpaca Feel textiles, soft aniline Verona leathers and the rich sheen of copper and brass detailing.


It was important that the highly resolved collection was “minimal and simplistic while simultaneously sophisticated and elegant, with a potential for theatre and fun added by its copper or brass shadow-line accents.”


“Simplicity coupled with detail is what means most to me,” says Crea, “Not just in the accents, but in every little part of the design: from the way it is constructed, to selecting the materials, and the finishes applied.”


“This is something that I take great pride in, and is something I take my time in planning, testing and resolving, so I can create a beautiful piece that will not only be beautiful in the present, but is loved for decades afterwards.”