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Leather + Sustainability

A classic example of the circular economy  Leather is a by-product of the food industry which would otherwise become waste. The tanning industry collects the raw hides and transforms them into a precious, versatile material with multiple applications such as furniture, automotive + fashion
Leather is Upcycled
All raw hides are a by-product + upcycled from food industry waste, making leather a sustainable choice
Leather is Natural
Unlike genuine natural leather, most faux + vegan leathers are made from vinyl, a potential harmful plastic derived from oil
Leather is Sustainable
Leather is a timeless, long-lasting material that is the antithesis of fast-fashion
Leather is Plastic-Free
Go plastic-free by choosing leather, a high quality natural material that is free of non-degradable pvc
Faux Leathers May Not Be Eco
Oil mining to manufacture faux leather can cause environmental degradation + harm wildlife